O Come, Let Us Worship

The ancient melody for this hymn of the Divine Liturgy, which is chanted at nearly every Sunday Liturgy throughout the year. The text of this Hymn is taken from “The Divine Liturgies of our Fathers Among the Saints John the Goldenmouthed, Archbishop of Constantinople and Basil the Great, of Caesarea in Cappadocia”, translated by Archpriest S.G. Hatherly, February 1877, page 102. The musical score is a transcription of the most ancient form of this hymn, taken from the “Mousikos Thesavros Tis Leitourgias”, published in October of 1930 by the Sacred Community of Mount Athos, under the instruction of Nectarios, monk and hiero-chanter; this volume of chants for the holy Liturgy is of particular import for any chanter on the Holy Mountain, the essential companion for most occasions.

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